An enchanting space with a romantic ambience and charm

“Inspired by the beautiful French provincial era.”


Discover an enchanting space with romantic ambience and charm. Inspired by the beautiful French provincial era and everything savoir faire, the spacious interior of the Grand Ballroom consists of stunning décor including a high ceiling, a classic Swarovski crystal coated chandelier, elegant Tiffany chairs, lavish carpet, a polished timber dance floor, raised stage areas and luxurious wallpaper design. Complimenting its royal feel is a prominent golden colour scheme consisting of soft tones of beige and antique white. Its imperial feel and spectacular design means this timeless room is sure to leave you and your guests with a long lasting impression. Located on Level One of the Renaissance function centre, the Grand Ballroom has its very own VIP room, the capacity to comfortably seat 300-800 guests and can be accessed via lift. Upon entering the Grand Ballroom, you have the option of offering guests a time to unwind and enjoy a drink at the modern marble fitted Onyx Bar. Amidst its elegant classical walls the Grand Ballroom features state of the art audiovisual equipment and is able to meet all your technological needs.

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